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The Global Development Assistance (GDA) Programme dedicates special focus on setting up a robust measurement system to articulate, track, and amplify impact of the cooperation framework jointly implemented with World Bank and Asian Development Bank – Space for International Development Assistance (Space for IDA). This includes defining the measurement framework with a Theory of Change and aligned indicators. This framework enables tracking of progress towards intended impacts (Impact Pathway) and facilitates continuous learning to flexibly optimise the implementation of the Initiative. Below is the GDA Theory of Change video and infographic which is an illustration of the change and impact pathway that could be catalysed by the three-pronged strategy of the Space for IDA cooperation framework:
  1. Knowledge Development,
  2. Capacity Building, and
  3. Skills Transfer.
GDA theory of change   A third-party specialist consortium, led by Caribou Space, is leading on the design and execution of the measurement system. The consortium has extensive, related experience on similar programmes with ESA and the UK Space Agency.  

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