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Tana River, Kenya. Source: ESA


Survey: current level of EO commercial activity in developing countries

Are you a European or Canadian provider of Earth Observation services? We want to hear from you!

International Financial Institutions (IFIs) offer financing and advisory services to government partners all over the world to support their sustainable development. Under the GDA programme, EO products are designed to meet the needs of those government partners in a number of thematic areas, and are complemented by associated IFI-financed efforts to build capacity and ensure operational uptake.

In this context, the European Space Agency, through the GDA Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) activity, is gathering information about the EO service industry’s experiences working with IFIs, including the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, International Fund for Agricultural Development and the Inter-American Development Bank.

Responses to this dedicated survey will be complemented by analyses of IFI procurement databases and project records to form a ‘baseline’ understanding of European and Canadian industry’s activities in developing countries. This understanding is essential to advance the field and further grow market opportunities in a targeted manner. 

Your input is crucial to form a baseline understanding of EO trends in development finance!

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We estimate that this survey will take around 5-7 minutes to complete, depending on specific experiences and the amount of relevant business activity conducted in the regions of interest. All responses from EO services companies will be analysed only at aggregate level by the GDA M&E team (led by Caribou Space), on behalf of ESA.