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[VIDEO] Space for IDA progress review film from Imperative Space

Imperative Space, as part of the GDA Monitoring and Evaluation and Impact Assessment activity (GDA M&E) led by Caribou Space, has produced a short film that takes inspiration from a review of the initial stages of the Space for International Development Assistance (IDA) Cooperation Framework between ESA, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. The film outlines the current status and progress of the collaboration, along with highlighting lessons learned and recommendations to maximise the future impact of the framework, as featured in the review from Caribou Space under the GDA M&E.

First shown at ESA’s GDA Industry Engagement Day at ESA’s Earth Observation Centre (ESRIN), the film also takes a closer look at some of the key elements of the GDA programme, in particular the creation of the first seven GDA Agile Information Development (AID) activities. The film highlights how ‘triangular cooperation’ is used successfully in the initiative, establishing trust between the three actively engaged partners and how this complementary approach contributes towards reaching the objectives of the programme.

The film features interviews, comments and insights about the future of the GDA programme from representatives from ESA GDA, World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.