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GDA ABC knowledge hub kick-off

The meeting for the kick-off of Global Development Assistance ABC Knowledge Hub (GDA ABC) is going to take place virtually on 8 June 2023, with the participation of the ESA GDA Team and the selected consortium.

With the aim of Advancing and Building earth observation (EO) knowledge and Capacity (ABC) primarily for International Financial Institutions (IFIs), this activity has for objective to develop an interactive and exhaustive repository of European EO service capabilities, as well as capacity building resources ranging from trainings on “how to use EO” to guidelines and training modules supporting IFIs in their EO capacity building and development activities in client states.

This activity is implemented by a consortium of companies from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and France. Led by Imperative Space, other partners include Smart Consulting, ReMedia, Caribou Space, Ignite Education and TerraWatch Space.