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[VIDEO] GDA M&E Webinar ‘Leveraging Development Finance  – ADB’

Imperative Space and Caribou Space recently hosted a webinar on leveraging development finance and procurement opportunities within the Asian Development Bank (ADB). This was part of the ESA Global Development Assistance programme (GDA), under the Monitoring and Evaluation and Impact Assessment (GDA M&E) activity.

This was the third webinar in a series focusing on the funding and procurement landscapes with the development banks, with the first hosted by European Association of Remote-Sensing Companies (EARSC) in October 2022, and the second hosted by the GDA M&E team on 15th December 2022 on the subject of ‘Leveraging Development Finance – Procurement Insights’ with the World Bank. The objective of this latest webinar was to offer Earth Observation (EO) services companies the opportunity to understand more about the work of the Asian Development Bank and related business opportunities.

The panel consisted of leading ADB experts Paolo Manunta (Senior Infrastructure Specialist EO), Steven Gillard (Senior Procurement Specialist and Head of the Consulting Services Unit), Stephane Y. Bessadi (Senior Procurement Specialist) and Eric Quincieu (Senior Water Resources Specialist) who provided insights and practical advice on ADB priorities, where to look for procurement information and how to access business opportunities. This was followed by a Q&A session addressing queries from the online audience.

We were joined by an engaged global audience of nearly 80 participants. For those who missed the webinar, all of the informative presentations and a recording of the event can be found here and below.

A further series of webinars as part of the GDA M&E activities will run throughout 2023 and 2024, all of which will be advertised on the GDA website. We look forward to you joining us.