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The GDA ABC Knowledge Hub is a new interactive online environment optimised for knowledge exchange, currently under development. It will provide an extensive and interactive repository of European Earth Observation (EO) service capabilities in development contexts, along with related information, examples and resources. These materials will be collated in a fully searchable library, giving access to use cases, testimonials and example data. The platform will also enable direct interaction with experts via virtual ‘consultations rooms’ and will provide archives of previous GDA publications (examples of which can be found below), webinars, and modular training resources for use by external trainers and other learning platforms. The Knowledge Hub will be designed to support a wide range of user needs and interests at every level of the international development value chain, and to support International Financial Institutions (IFIs) in their EO capacity building and skills development activities in client states. The ABC activity began its extensive consultation and design phase in June 2023 to establish an informed approach to knowledge sharing across the GDA programme and wider development arena. The consortium is led by Imperative Space, with partners including ReMedia, Ignite Education and Caribou Space. The platform is currently scheduled for release in the second half of 2024, and further updates will be provided about its features and services closer to launch. GDA knowledge hub

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Disaster Recovery
GDA AID Disaster Resilience Brochure                                (2023)
GDA AID Disaster Resilience E-Flyer (2023) 
GDA AID Disaster Resilience E-Flyer                                    (2023)
Water Resources
GDA AID Water Resources E-Flyer                                     (2023)
Disaster Resilience
GDA AID Climate Resilience E-Flyer                                     (2023)
e flyer fragility conflict security
GDA AID Fragility, Conflict and Security E-Flyer                (2022)
Fragility Conflict Security
GDA AID Climate Resilience Brochure                                 (2023)
Fragility Conflict Security II
GDA AID Fragility, Conflict and Security Brochure (2023)
Urban Sustainability
GDA AID Urban Sustainability E-Flyer    (2023)
Marine Environment Blue Economy
GDA Marine Environment & Blue Economy                  (2023)
GDA AID activity on the Marine Environment and Blue Economy
eflyer transport infrastructure demand
GDA AID Transport & Infrastructure E-Flyer           (2024) 
ESA GDA Transport & infrastucture
GDA AID Transport & Infrastructure Brochure (2024)

Space for IDA Roadmap – public excerpt
Space for IDA Cooperation Framework Review Year 1
Using EO for Monitoring & Evaluation – GDA M&E Topical Overview (2023)
Clean Energy and Earth Observation – GDA M&E Topical Overview (2023)
Global Development Assistance (GDA) Status Review Year 1 (2023)
Earth Observation for Environmental. GDA M&E Topical Overview (2023)

Trends in EO Adoption for Development Assistance (2022)
Impact of EO4SD initiative in International Development Context (2022)

ESA/Caribou Adoption and Impact Report (2020)
ESA/Caribou EO4SD Evaluation Report (2019)
ESA/Caribou Longer-term prospects Report (2018)

IFAD Geospatial tools catalogue (2022)
IFAD/FAO policy brief, resilient livestock (2021)

ESA/ADB eotap (2016)
ESA/WB eoworld2 (2016)
ESA/IFAD partnership (2014)
ESA/WB eoworld1 (2013)
ESA/EIB partnership (2012)

ESA/CEOS EO Handbook (2018)
EO for Green Growth (2014)