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[VIDEO] ‘Wider Economic Benefits from Satellite EO in Developing Countries’

‘Wider Economic Benefits from Satellite Earth Observation (EO) in Developing Countries’ was the topic of a recent webinar hosted by Imperative Space and Caribou Space for the ESA Global Development Assistance programme (GDA), under the Monitoring and Evaluation and Impact Assessment (GDA M&E) activity.

Whilst the impacts of satellite EO for sustainable development are well documented, the wider economic benefits of EO to developing countries is less understood.  A report in November 2022 by Caribou Space and London Economics (initiated as part of the GDA M&E activity) has addressed this gap. The objective of the webinar was to describe the key findings and conclusions from the study.

We were joined by an expert panel consisting of David Taverner (Caribou Space), Farooq Sabri (Associate Director, London Economics) & Alex Chunet (ESA representative at the World Bank). They discussed topics including how investment in EO supports developing countries making data-driven decisions, and the role of GDA to capitalise on the power of EO in international development assistance operations.

An engaged audience benefited from the informative presentations and a detailed Q&A session. For those who missed the webinar, a recording of the event can be found here and below.

A further series of webinars as part of the GDA M&E activities will run throughout 2023 and 2024, all of which will be advertised on the GDA website. We look forward to you joining us.