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Indonesian seascape. Source: Envato Elements

Launch of GDA AID Marine

The kick-off of the dedicated GDA AID activity line on Marine Environment and Blue Economy will take place on the 9 June 2022.

The consortium, led by Planetek Italia, includes partners with various and complementary expertise, namely AirCentre (Portugal), Climate Impact (Italy), EOMAP (Germany), Geoville (Austria), Terrasigna (Romania), and the University of Palermo (Italy).

This activity line aims at addressing the main challenges identified together with GDA Institutional Partners in ensuring both economic development and health of coastal and marine ecosystems, through the development of relevant Earth observation based products and services. The major themes addressed are improved fisheries governance, marine litter and pollution management, integrated seascape management and ‘blueing oceanic sector’ through investments, policy reforms and coordination strategies that are built on coastal and marine assets protection.

Earth observation product and information technical development are expected to support the following use-cases:

  • Ecosystem Protection and Management;
  • Water Quality and Pollution Assessment and Monitoring;
  • Assessment and tracking of environmental damages from maritime disasters;
  • Detection and assessment capabilities for fishery resources;
  • Shoreline and riverbank erosion mapping;
  • Assessment of marine environmental impacts from port infrastructure and operations.