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GDA AID Agriculture is about to start

Agricultural development is a key tool to end extreme poverty and ensure an integrated and sustained economic development of national to global Food Systems.

As Earth Observation has proven to be a powerful tool to help fulfilling data needs on Agriculture, the GDA programme developed a dedicated activity on Agriculture under the GDA AID activity line, based on major themes identified together with institutional partners. This activity will kick-off on the 8 September 2022 which will be the opportunity for the different stakeholders to discuss the objectives to achieve and the current information needs on agriculture-related topics in the development sector.

The activity will be led by GMV (Spain) with the support of three other European companies, namely VITO (Belgium), CGI Italia (Italy) and UNIQUE (Germany). They will address themes such as climate resilient agriculture, sustainability of food system value chain and agricultural policy reforms.

Specifically, Earth Observation product and information technical developments are expected to support the following use-cases:

  • Carbon farming
  • Reduction of rice methane emission
  • Irrigation management performance
  • Resilient and sustainable agricultural production
  • Food Security financing
  • Food System Value Chains
  • Locust monitoring
  • Agro-Climatic Resilience