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Capacity building activity in Jakarta. Source: Planetek Italia

Planetek Italia to implement EO platform for risk assessment in Indonesia

Planetek Italia was appointed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to provide the Indonesian National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) with access to Rheticus® Interactive, an EO-based platform co-designed and implemented by Planetek Italia that allows end-users to activate and manage the Rheticus® environmental information monitoring services.

This platform, financed by ADB, enables BRIN to order and retrieve information monitoring services for operational use. This new service will foster capacity building and skills transfer within the Indonesian user community in coordination with new Earth Observation (EO) developments being implemented as part of the ESA GDA programme. Specifically, the Rheticus ® Interactive platform will be used in the context of on-going Disaster Resilience initiatives in Indonesia where ADB has requested an enhanced EO-based impact assessment of subsidence hazard for buildings and infrastructure in five cities in Indonesia, located in the North of Java island (Jakarta, Cirebon, Pekalongan, Semarang) and in Sulawesi island (Palu).

The subsidence hazard service will be developed by combining the standard ground motion maps provided by Rheticus® with the building’s characteristics (i.e., footprint, height, and population density) derived from the 3D model of the World Settlement Footprint developed by DLR.

Figure 1: Rheticus® Building check service interface. The map shows the levels of concern on each building in Palu (Sulawesi) estimated after the earthquake of September 2018 based on the measurements of the displacement of the building itself and of the nearby areas.