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Source: ADB

New ADB report on Multilateral Development Bank Support

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) just published a report titled “Multilateral Development Bank Support for Disaster-Resilient Infrastructure Systems“.

This report explores current Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) offerings as well as future opportunities for Risk-informed Planning, Financing Mechanisms and Knowledge Building for disaster resilience of infrastructure systems, which are crucial in securing development objectives.

Earth Observation can play a major role in the various activities outlined in this report by providing key data that can facilitate decision-making. For instance, MDBs’ objective regarding knowledge building is to “create relevant knowledge products to support infrastructure disaster resilience and facilitating the integration of new knowledge in the DMCs through capacity building”. This aspect is covered in the GDA programme through the implementation of a complementary approach with ESA funded knowledge development and IFIs capacity building and skills transfer activities in order to achieve sustainable adoption of Earth Observation technologies.

The European Space Agency, through the GDA programme and precursor activities (EO4SD), has also been supporting multiple initiatives mentioned in this study through early engagement with key stakeholders, like the World Bank’s City Resilience Program, Climate Risk Screening Tools, and Southeast Asia Disaster Risk Insurance Facility (SEADRIF).