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Southern Darfur, Sudan. Source: ESA

Launch of GDA AID Fragility, Conflict and Security

The kick-off of the dedicated action on Fragility, Conflict & Security (FCV) under the GDA programme’s AID (Agile EO Information Development) activity line will take place on the 21st of January 2022.

The consortium, led by e-GEOS, consists of a variety of partners from Italy, Germany, Austria, the UK, and Belgium namely DLR, Hensoldt Analytics Janes, VITO and CGI, allowing to go beyond the Earth Observation domain by also including vast expertise in socio-economic and political-security risk profiling.

This consortium will focus on developing EO products and services that match FCV priorities and challenges faced by our Institutional Partners. The following high priority topics have been identified:

  • Improved Assessment of exposure to fragility risks and analysis of coping capacity,
  • Effective chracterisation of dynamics and needs in FCV contexts,
  • Enhanced generation of information services for planning, monitoring and management of post-conflict reconstruction activities,
  • Better assessment of assets and natural ressources.

The associated required EO product/information developments notably concern urban growth monitoring and population density estimation, damage characterisation, onset of crisis characterisation (food crisis and large scale conflicts), activity detection on ley sites of interest, on-going crisis monitoring, assets and infrastructures mapping insect plagues damage assessments, changes in agricultural land cover as well as pollution characterisation and monitoring.