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[VIDEO] Earth Observation for Climate Resilient Flood Management in South Sudan

In a recently released GDA video interview, the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Global Development Assistance (GDA) activity on Climate Resilience delves into the topic of ‘Enabling Climate Resilient Flood Management in South Sudan Using Earth Observation Data’.

In this insightful discussion, prominent figures in the field, including Koboji Charles Yakata Leju from the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation at South Sudan, Mohamad Nobakht from Telespazio Vega UK, and Beatriz Revilla-Romero from GMV, shed light on the innovative approaches and strategies being employed to combat the pressing challenges posed by climate-induced flooding in the region.

Through the lens of Earth Observation data, the interview uncovers the role of advanced technology in fostering climate resilience and progress on sustainability measures, thereby contributing to the broader global conversation on climate change adaptation and mitigation.