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Batura Glacier, Pakistan. Source: ESA

Climate Resilience kick-off meeting

The kick off meeting for Climate Resilience will take place on the 3rd of December 2021. It is the second activity launch under the GDA AID (Agile Earth Observation Information Development), after the Disaster Resilience activity line kicked-off earlier this year.

This thematic area will be implemented by an extremely diverse and experienced consortium led by GMV including partners from Spain, Austria, the UK, and Italy (SISTEMA, Geoville, Willis Towers Watson, Telespazio UK, JBA Consulting, and CMCC Foundation).

The major themes identified together with the IFIs in achieving climate resilience through greater impact and use of EO-based geo-information are:

  • Evaluation of Climate Change risks and support resilience,
  • Support climate change adaptation, resilience building and emission reduction,
  • Optimising the contribution of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) to development challenges,
  • Climate related fincnial risk assessment,
  • Resilient recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.