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ADB publishes insights on Earth Observation Services

In a recently launched publication titled “Earth Observation Services and Tools for Development: Examples from Indonesia“, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) presents a comprehensive exploration of the transformative role played by precise Earth Observation (EO) tools in shaping various facets of development. In collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA), ADB spearheads the advocacy for EO technologies, facilitating the provision of geospatial maps detailing critical changes in land, buildings, marine, and water bodies—information that is typically beyond the reach of ground-level observations.

Earth observation services and tools for development. Examples from Indonesia.

This publication benefited from the collaboration between the Asian Development Bank and the European Space Agency’s Global Development Assistance (GDA) programme, as well as its precursor initiative, Earth Observation for Sustainable Development (EO4SD). ESA’s expertise in satellite data and ADB’s commitment to fostering sustainable development create a synergistic approach that demonstrates the GDA’s core principles. This collaboration underscores the potential of space technology in advancing global development efforts.

Through Indonesian case studies, the publication explains the practical applications of EO technologies, showcasing how users can derive tangible benefits from readily available access to large volumes of processed, analysed satellite data. It delves into specific applications, including terrain motion mapping of Java using the Geohazards Exploitation Platform, assessments of building and critical infrastructure stability, the creation of flood extent maps for effective disaster management, optimisation of dryland agriculture practices, and the relevance of EO in managing both inland and marine aquaculture.

This informative resource illustrates the synergy between EO technologies and development initiatives, offering concrete examples of EO applications across diverse sectors, and reinforcing the commitment of ADB and ESA to foster regional development through strategic collaboration and the utilisation of advanced EO tools. The strategic partnership between ADB and ESA facilitates the progress of regional development, leveraging EO technologies as guiding instruments for ADB’s technical assistance, loan preparation, and loan implementation.