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Satellite Earth Observation for Security: ESA GDA Fragility successfully completed.

The ESA Global Development Assistance activity on Fragility, Conflict and Security has been successfully completed.

The consortium – consisting of e-GEOS (Prime Contractor), DLR, Hensoldt Analytics, Vito, Janes, and CGI – harnessed the power of Earth Observation data and OSINT data for development operations in fragile settings. The focus was on delivering innovative solutions that meet the specific needs of International Financial Institutions (World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and International Fund for Agricultural Development), paving the path for risk-informed decision-making.

The video introduces the operational context and scenarios where GDA products were delivered, through the words of the project scientists as well as the stakeholders in ESA and in the International Financial Institutions. Each of them shares diverse perspectives on the use of innovative EO-based solutions to support development initiatives in FCS settings, including technical challenges, remarkable solutions achieved, and benefits for the communities of users.