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New ITT released for GDA AID Public Health

The latest ITT (invitation to tender) released under the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Global Development Assistance (GDA) programme will implement new EO information developments in the thematic sector of Public Health. Being a completely new thematic area, this thematic sector has not been previously addressed in GDA’s collaboration with International Financial Institutions (IFI’s). This ITT will implement the new EO information developments that respond directly to IFI operations requirements for geo-information in the thematic area of Public Health.

An agile development approach is to be adopted consisting of three sequential development cycles (six months each) to accommodate evolving requirements for new geo-information to be developed and tested. This ITT contributes to GDA AID, one of the main activity lines under the GDA programme.

Public Health Priorities and Challenges faced by IFI Teams are:

  1. Health Infrastructure accessibility and vulnerability;
  2. Climate-related health risks;
  3. Environmentally-sensitive infectious diseases;
  4. Airborne and waterborne health hazards.
  5. Nutrition and food insecurity

Proposal submissions are welcome until 24 November 2023. Further info is available on ESA-star: